Since 1990, J.U.R. has been successfully representing some of the finest manufacturers in the industrial, aerospace, petrochemical and high performance automotive markets. Our products include PTFE stainless steel braided hose and assemblies of Teflon®, metal hose, high performance hose and fittings, metric hose fittings, brass hose fittings and adapters, hydraulic hose, chemical transfer lines, and D.O.T. truck and trailer air brake hose assemblies.

The J.U.R. sales staff works closely with a wide variety of distributors and OEM's. We KNOW our products and are eager to assist you with any applications you may have.


Manufacturers We Represent



Metal Hose Braid Bands


Brake Line Assembly Fabricating


Brass Fittings, Nylon Air Brake Tubing, Air Brake Hose, etc.

Stainless Steel & Brass Ball Valves 

Give us a call at 909-338-2111 or email us at sales@jurrep.com for information on all our great products! 


Medium and High Pressure Hose & Fittings of PTFE

Extruded Tubing of Vinyl, Polyurethane, Polypropylene, Plastic Tubing; Custom Extrusion

 High Performance Automotive Products...


Fittings & Valves



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